Process Centric Outsourcing

In this model, the client can engage us in outsourcing a particular process or a set of processes, supported by a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) to define the framework of operations and measurement of performance.

Ownership of people, process and resources will lie with us. Under this model, process/project management will be our responsibility while responsibility of transition of process will rest preliminary with the client assisted by us. The IPR relating with the business process outsourced, will vest with the client or us, as agreed in the MSA. The client will have limited control over resources.

The process will be executed in our facility at Kathmandu.

Pricing can be structured either on a Time and Material (T&M) basis or on a fixed fees basis or transaction basis, as agreed in the MSA.

Advantages to our clients under this model

  • No responsibility of process/project management
  • No investment in resources by clients
  • Clients remains focused on core functions
  • Scalability of operations at short notice by client
  • No own entity risks, as client does not incorporate any entity in offshore jurisdiction
  • Accessibility to our technology, best talent, domain and industry expertise
  • Cost effective
  • Access to our best practices & cutting edge technology
  • Access to our best- in- class processes and quality systems