Pricing Structure



We deliver value for money.

Pricing for our outsourcing services depend upon various factors like complexity, verticals, volume, duration, etc. We offer a flexible & transparent cost effective pricing model to our clients. Unlike others, we offer a flexible pricing structure to our client that suits their needs.

Fixed Pricing:This is a fixed time based model where the start date and end date is identified. This model works best where the work volume and timeline is known beforehand. Pinnacle will give you the best offer possible and put adequate number of resources to ensure the project is completed before or on the set target date. In order for this model to work, a well defined project requirement document is prepared, shared and agreed upon. Project deliverables, timelines and resource utilization are pre-defined so that both the client and Pinnacle’s team are synchronized to execute a successful project.

Transactional Pricing:A transaction based pricing model for outsourcing is the one wherein payments are made on the total number of transactions made. In this model billing will be based on the deliverables made. The client pays only for what is delivered. There is no limit to the transaction volume. Client can leverage this model to keep the cost variable which is totally based on work volume.

Time and Material Basis:A dedicated resource/team is assigned to the client with delivery objectives on daily basis. Rates are mutually agreed upon which includes all capital and operations expenses. The billing is done at regular intervals time, based on the time the resource/team has worked on the client assignment(s).

Cost plus profit pricing:Cost-Plus Pricing consists of a fee for the cost of services plus a mutually agreed upon markup or profit margin. What to be included or excluded to determine the cost of services are decided at the time of finalizing the Master Service Agreement/SLA.

Workstation Basis:Our pricing will be based on number of work stations used by the Clients. We will charge a sum of USD 30 to 50 per work station per working day, depending on parameters like division of roles and responsibilities, capital expenditure in technology and assets, etc. This will include electricity and shared internet charges. However, use of high end video conferencing facilities, auditorium, cafeteria, pantry, demo room, will be charged additionally.