Delivery Model

Our unique approach to BPO adopts world class process re-engineering methodologies while keeping in mind the vital aspects of enterprise level internal control requirements. This unique approach helps change management programs become effective and provides rapid deployment plans to achieve operational excellence and efficiency in a quick span of time.

1. Understand

During the understanding phase, our teams study existing processes and identify critical factors that are to be retained in the business flow, control deficiencies and operational inefficiencies in the process. Process risks and nature of such risks are identified during this phase.

2. Design

A "To Be" process is formulated eliminating operational inefficiencies and includes controls for mitigating risks. At this stage we propose an appropriate redesign of the organization structure by defining and mapping the skills matrix. The feasibility of implementing the TO BE process is discussed and agreed with stakeholders.

3. Implement & Improve

A change management program and education / training module is developed to aid the change process. A detailed migration and implementation plan is developed to aid the client to smoothly migrate to the new process. Our team acts as a catalyst and implementation partner during this change process. We help organizations improve the performance of their operations through our BPR service, enabling them to achieve substantial efficiencies. When providing a managed service, our BPR service is a vital step before transitioning the clients operations to our offshore centre